Which Blog Is This???

Hello dear readers. It’s time for another episode of “oh look, she’s back after she said she’d be around more, AGAIN.”

Yes, I am the worst and that actually brings me to the title of today’s entry: which blog is this? It would actually be more appropriate to ask, what kind of blog is this? No… that’s not right either. The issue I’m struggling with when I think about posting sometimes is that I started this off mostly as a bipolar disorder blog, well sort of and… huh…maybe a place to talk about abuse? I can’t even remember now. BUT, eventually, when I became aware that I have Dissociative Identity Disorder, I also added that as a theme of this blog, however it came much later.

What I struggle with is, I don’t know how many of you were/are here for bipolar stuff, how many of you are/were here for abuse stuff and how many of you are/were here for DID stuff.

I feel guilty as if perhaps my shift into speaking so much about abuse or DID and not as much about bipolar disorder alienated my readers who had come here for information/support about that. Or perhaps if I want to talk about bipolar disorder, those who are only here for abuse or DID will be pushed back.

I have a post I’d like to do about the importance of sleep meds in bipolar disorder but I honestly don’t believe that there are any bipolar readers left here anymore because I’ve driven them all off.

I have a post to write about being completely overwhelmed by trauma and therapy when your system has been shutdown for so long but I feel bad talking about it because I haven’t talked about bipolar disorder enough AT ALL!

I’d like to post about the desire to be loved/liked/desired and how it manifests on instagram and makes you feel awful.

I’d like to talk about my feelings on people who get diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and why people treat them like lepers.

See…I have a LOT to talk about but I feel like I haven’t lived up to the NAME of the blog by balancing the audience it’s supposed to be for. It makes me hesitate to post over and over and over…you guys… you have NO idea how many times I hesitate to post.

This doesn’t even BEGIN to address that I’ve never told you what really happened to me almost a year ago for months after, that is still effecting me now and definitely has a huge impact on my focus. However, this blog is not about that subject and I would need to start a new blog to whine and moan and groan over there. Hell no thanks! Yes, I just combined two word terms into one. That just happened.

What do you guys think? 

I usually get about three comments but if any anonymous readers want to pop out and say something, go for it.

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Be Careful Reading Current News Stories

Hey guys, I wanted to post a quick albeit late message to caution you about the current news situation right now concerning sexual harassment and assault. 

I would have written sooner but I’ve been doing intense work in therapy and I myself have been triggered by all of the news stories.

The current movement to expose the massive amount of sexual harassment and assault that permeates Hollywood is, of course, good and necessary. It’s obviously long overdue as well. But, for those of us who are victims of assault…especially the type discussed in our particular community this whole thing can be extremely triggering and actually, triggering is my warning.

There have been NO trigger warnings on the news stories I have seen/followed links to/read. None. 

I have clicked a link to read about what’s been happening, thinking that I was going to get an overview, only to be flayed alive with graphic, very specific, highly detailed accounts of what occurred, WITH ZERO WARNING. Maybe some stories have had warnings but absolutely none of the ones I saw did and they were from the major sources who should know better.

So please, if you haven’t already made my mistake, be very careful. The news agencies are NOT taking care of their readers; they’re too busy relishing in the details and in having a big juicy story to wring out every few hours with new horrors. They don’t care if a lack of warning could re-traumatize someone so watch out for yourself.

Be careful, please. Be safe. Practice self-care. Get off the internet if you need to or turn off the dang tv. You already know this stuff exists, this isn’t news to you.

I’ll be back eventually when I can talk about what’s been happening in therapy. It hasn’t been easy. But I thought about all of you and wanted to talk to you and say something.

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Now Everything Comes Back


I probably have to slightly explain that something happened to me last year health-wise that made me very aware of stress. I felt a need to control my stress. Ha! Control. Silly me believing in control! 

Well, what happened scared me almost literally to DEATH. I think I said in previous post that I thought I was actually going to die and I mean that. My belief that keeping stress as minimal as possible became almost a religion for me. The problem with that is emotions. Emotions bring stress, even positive emotions cause their own stress. I believed that I couldn’t afford to feel any emotion, especially negative ones. I clamped down so hard on my feelings that I don’t think I even experienced bipolar disorder that entire time. Now, of course I still had bipolar disorder but I was shut down.

Now that I’m seeing B, I might start referring to my new therapist as B because “new therapist” is annoying to type. Anyway, now that I’m seeing her she’s made it very clear that I can’t keep functioning like I have been. She actually told me that holding my emotions in was worse.

I just wrote yesterday about my parts feeling really comfortable with B but opening one gate or two or four opens more. Yesterday I was manic as all hell. I haven’t been that manic in AGES!!!! I mean WOW! Then today I had the inevitable crash into depression. 

Everything is back. Parts, bipolar, feelings, ME. 

In a way I miss being gone or away or partiallt numb or all the way numb…whatever I was, but in another way it’s nice being back…feeling myself again. It’s like I was brain dead for a while and now my synapses are firing again.

Alright, I’m out for now. You all are in my thoughts.

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A Little Bit Right?

I always do this. I always think that unless I have a novel to post I can’t post anything here. I need to get over that because I know I onlt have maybe 3 of you left who even read this thing anymore!

I could blame myself but honestly I can pass the buck in a way. I had NO idea how much my interim therapist killed my inside until my last few sessions with my new and wonderful therapist. I adore her. I look forward to seeing her. My parts are back and one of them, Nicole, the part that has held so much of my anger and how now evolved, she was so ready to come out and talk to our new therapist she almost didn’t wait until we got into the office.

I feel more connected inside. I can’t believe it. So much damage was done you guys!!! Oh my goodness. I’ve got repair work to do because of this last therapy disaster. I should have taken better care of myself but I was intimidated and overly optimistic.

I’ve had some rough bipolar moments too that I should write about…things requiring trigger warnings. Maybe later.

I missed you guys. I’m sorry I lost so many of you. I can’t say that I’m really all the way back YET because as I told my therapist, part of me died in this last process and I need to come back and get myself together. My writing, the writing inside me that made me who I am…died… it’s gone and I’m trying to dig for the buried strings and clean them off and see if I can grasp them again and hold on. They’re there I just need more time. Ugh. Guys there was so much damage! Ugh!!!!!!! I’m here. I’m here.

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I Broke Up With My Therapist Da Da Dum!

I have no idea if that’s how you spell that whole oh wow theme but I tried and…..HI GUYS!!!!! 

I’m not going to get into the whole yadda yadda of what’s been going with me, just know that I’m ill and maybe that’s my life now, I’m honestly not sure at this point. Moving on to the title of my post because, what!? Yep.

Did you know you could do that, break up with your therapist I mean? I knew you could, I’ve always known but I’ve only had two and I would have found it impossible to extricate myself from such an emotionally entangled and multilayered, indefinable relationship. Well…until I did it.

What happened? Why did I end our therapeutic relationship?

It’s actually quite simple as far as the basic reason and I hope that it may help any of you who find yourself in a similar predicament to realize that it’s okay to go. Actually it’s more than okay to go. BUT I have a suggestion about how I went about later that you should take into account so pay attention to that.

It came down to differences in philosophy and basically who we are as people. The differences were so HUGE that the chasm could not be crossed. I thought that perhaps we could build a bridge across that gap, after all I’ve gone to her for what, two years? There was no bridge. Let’s talk about why it wasn’t possible.

The first therapist I had, I had for over a decade and there’s a very good reason why we were able to work together for some long even though we had very different fundamental approaches to life. When I use words like “philosophy” or “fundamental” or whatever, I’m not talking about just specific ideologies like religion or spirituality even though that can become a factor in therapy. You can actually fill in whatever you want those words to mean for you. It can be lots of things, trust me! I learned the hard way.

Anyway, going back to my first therapist. The reason we could work together for so long came down to two things: communication and HER. When she said something that bothered me I would never be able to confront her in the moment because that’s not how I work anyway. I always have to go and think about something for a while, get my thoughts together and then confront no matter who it is. With her I would think about what she said that irked me and figure out what I wanted to say to her, she in turn would listen, make sure she understood exactly what it was that was upsetting for me and then we’d talk about it until we worked it out. Now, a lot of therapist do this but the next part is what makes the difference and it’s something only the therapist can do…

She Changed Her Approached For Me.

Over time through honest communication and RESPECT for my feelings and thoughts and who I am as a person, she tailored her therapeutic approach so that I could fully engage in therapy without doings that made me uncomfortable. She didn’t incorporate ideals that I didn’t believe in. Instead she would ask me how my personal belief system would handle a certain situation and she would tell me to do that. Keep in mind that she had her own philosophies and ideologies but the therapy wasn’t for her, it was for me and she was able to put her over 40 years of experience to use and still use all of her clinical knowledge to treat me while making me feel safe. But that was on her, only she could choose to do that, I couldn’t have forced her. All of the ups and downs and bumps in the road we had (they’re all documented here in past blog entries), they led to us having a once in a lifetime relationship.

What went wrong with my new therapist?

To rewind for a brief moment, my first therapist passed away and gave me to the new therapist beforehand because she knew it was coming. This is a HUGE factor into why I stayed for so long. I thought that she must have known something I didn’t; she couldn’t have made a mistake. I stayed and stayed and stayed even though I knew…I knew it wasn’t working. I knew it and it burns me up that I didn’t put myself first and get the hell out of there a year ago. I’m actually getting angrier the more I write about it. I wasted two years of therapy. Two years! Grrrrrrrrr…

Don’t get me wrong. She said some things in therapy that were extremely helpful! I would be like ‘Whoa! What!? Oh man! I need to go and think about that for like a month!’ So when things like that happened I would think that maybe if I gave it more time we’d be okay. We weren’t going to be okay.

She would NOT change her approach for me.

We had communication hiccups too and we did the same thing, talked it out. But, when she would want to do something either to me or with me or have me do something as part of therapy and I would say no because I wasn’t comfortable with it, instead of accepting my refusal she would frown at me and ask why I wouldn’t do it. If I casually expressed a personal ideology in conversation that was different from hers she would challenge it and then I would have to spend part of therapy defending something that had nothing to do with therapy. When I say no to something that should be enough.

She was very forceful and in your face which at times I could appreciate especially when she really wanted me to hear what she was saying but, it could be startling and come off as aggressive as well. I would be talking about something and in the middle of my sentence she would shoehorn in ‘because of your…’ and it was disconcerting. Are you telling me? Shouldn’t that be a conclusion I come to?

The deal breaker was when I became very, very ill. I needed to talk about what was going on and how to deal with all of the anxiety and how being so sick was making me feel. Well uhhhhh…her fundamental belief is that illness isn’t real. Every week was the same: How are you? I’m really tired as usual, I’m not feeling well. Tell me what’s going on. *I tell her*. You know I believe everything stems from emotion so next time try asking it what information it’s trying to tell you and then send light into it…

I couldn’t get any comfort there. I couldn’t just go in and say that everything sucked and have her listen. I couldn’t talk about how scared I was, how unsure my life was because, even though scientific medical doctors are diagnosing and treating me, she doesn’t believe I’m sick…she doesn’t believe anyone is sick. 

I realized very suddenly that I hadn’t made any progress in therapy. I was going every two weeks now, and there was just nothing.

Fundamental differences. But you know what? Guess who’s fault it is? I’m pointing at myself. Yep. I should have asked her outright what kind of practitioner she was and if she was willing to adapt the way I would need her to. The answer would have been no and we could have gone our separate ways long ago.

So, I left and it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. Apparently some people have ended the therapeutic relationship by voicemail, some have simply never shown up for their next appointment. I was going to do it face to face but my husband said it was ridiculous to spend money to say I wasn’t coming back. I decided to write a very long email. I thanked her for everything she did for me and I sincerely complimented all of her good qualities and I acknowledged that her style would work very well with lots of people, just not me. I thought it was a decent compromise because she deserved way more than a voicemail.

Here’s the suggestion I asked you to pay attention to earlier: before I ended our therapeutic relationship I had already found a new therapist. I wasn’t just left out there flapping in the proverbial breeze without a net. I had someone that I was going to begin a new therapeutic relationship with and this new therapist had been recommended to me by my psychiatrist who I’ve been with for 16 years, the one who recommended my first therapist to me. 

I feel cautious optimism but I’m going in now with the realization that I’m not stuck and that I have options. Also unlike my previous therapist, my new therapist lit up when I told her I write. She’s all about writing and when I told her about the blog she freaked out lol. My previous therapist was never interested in hearing what I wrote but my first therapist loved to have me read my writing. I’m hoping that maybe if my new therapist encourages writing, I can get back into posting here regularly again.

It’s okay to leave. Epiphanies can be awesome. 

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She Lives!!!!

Oh my goodness guys I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve blogged! I’m sorry but I have a good reason: I thought was dying for a while, like for real. Seriously. I got really sick, I had something serious happen out of nowhere, it lasted for weeks and it scared the hell out of me. I’m still feeling the effects of it and I don’t know if it’s really over or what to expect but my brain is fried!

I literally and I do mean literally, forgot I even had a blog until yesterday! That’s how badly my actual brain is functioning right not. 

So, please be patient with me as I see where this thing goes and how my life will be affected BUT I’m still here okay everyone? I’m still here.

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How Could You Explain DID To Someone?

Recently I was with friends, one of them my best friend who doesn’t know that I have DID, and we were discussing someone we know who has been displaying some odd behavior that seems to be rooted in mental illness. My best friend said that this person implied that they are talking to people in their head and my friend said it sounded like multiple personalities.

Of course she probably has no idea what that means other than what she’s seen on TV but it got me thinking again about how DID has been sensationalized in books, movies and TV and how it’s affected the average person’s concept of the illness and more importantly of the person who has it.

I think people are very frightened of someone with DID. I know the last friend I took a chance on telling I had it reacted badly. I don’t tell anyone anymore and I honestly worry that even my husband who is very understanding, secretly is a little freaked out by me even though he’s never said so. But that could be me projecting my own fears because even I can be a bit freaked out sometimes because I don’t fully understand myself.

I do however know that I don’t go around dressing like a lumberjack or an old lady or a child randomly and I don’t kidnap people (I just saw a trailer for a movie by M. Night Shyamalan about a man with DID who kidnaps girls for some reason).

So back to my original thought: for the average person like my friend, how would I explain DID in a non-scary, no I’m not going to kill you someday, no you don’t need to be afraid of me being around your children, way?

I was thinking of the root of my DID; where it came from, the events…well the original events, even though other trauma added to it: the sexual abuse from my uncle. I would use that, but not the details, to explain DID.

*I actually came back to this spot after I wrote my explanation because it became more personal than I expected. I don’t go into detail but I say things about trying to tell someone and not being believed etc. that may be triggering so I decided to come back and add a warning*

I would say…imagine that you’re 4 years old and someone much older and much bigger than you does something so scary and so terrible that your little 4 year old brain can’t take it, it’s too much, but you don’t die, you live. What would your little 4 year old brain do to live? 

Well there’s so much terror and fear that part of your little brain breaks off and says “Okay, I’ll handle this part.” and it goes away from the others. But there’s also anger because someone hurt you so much but you couldn’t fight back because you were so little. You were only 4 and no one helped you. In fact, one of the grown ups left you alone there. You tried to tell someone who loved you but they didn’t believe you and you’re so angry!!! But you’re only 4, your little brain can’t handle all of that anger, so another piece of your brain breaks off and says “That’s okay, I’ve got this. I’ll hold onto to all the anger.” And it goes away from the others.

But that’s not all. There was sadness…so much sadness…you were all alone in that room…you were all alone in your room because you couldn’t tell anyone…you were all alone your whole life…You were 4 years old. How would your little 4 year old brain handle so much sadness? It can’t so another part of your little brain comes forward and offers to hold the sadness for you. This one is different though because sometimes the sadness is so deep that it spills out and the little girl cries and but she doesn’t understand why.

The bad thing that happened was so bad that lots of pieces of the little girl’s brain had to come forward to take the weight of her feelings because she was only 4 and then she was 5.

Some of the pieces got names like Nikki and James  Other pieces just are and they’re okay with that. They did their job. The little girl lived.

-That’s how I would explain DID to someone. I don’t think it’s scary. I think it’s a logical way for a child’s brain to handle a ridiculously horrifying experience. In my case, added trauma later in life added more alters but the core process is the same. It makes sense to me.

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