Average age of people diagnosed with DID?

I’m curious: out of all of us (those who read this blog or have blogs of their own etc.) what is our average age? I don’t mean specific numbers just an average. It’s just that in comments, some similar numbers have been used when referring to how long certain things have been going on (therapy, meds etc.). I’m a little curious. Are we all of a similar age? And are our ages the norm for people diagnosed with DID? I’ll start it, I’m in my early 30’s…

Actually while I’m at it, what was everyone’s average age at diagnosis? How old were people when they were first diagnosed, either with DID/multiple personalites or some other mental health disorder?


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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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7 Responses to Average age of people diagnosed with DID?

  1. roseroars says:

    This year is my 25th in Mental Disorder Land, and I’m 43. I started with Borderline Personality and ended up with Rapid Cycling Bipolar and DID.

    I’m not sure what is normal, though, for our ages. Here is someone who is younger: http://thebeehive27.blogspot.com/ that you may like checking out.

    I was 17 when I became a professional mental health statistic, and I’m in for life.

    How do you feel about your age and diagnosis?


    • CimmerianInk says:

      I think since I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder in my early 20’s that I’m used to having a mental illness or whatever you want to call it. With the DID it was like “Seriously! Oh c’mon!” lol! I wasn’t expecting anything else at this point in my life because I figured it would have manifested itself earlier…hmmm…I guess that doesn’t make sense, because I’ve been dissociating etc. most of my life, I’m just now becoming aware of it…I guess I was wondering if there’s something about hitting a certain age that makes people with DID suddenly become aware of something being wrong or that makes them seek out a diagnosis? By the way, how funny would the rides be if there really was a ” Mental Disorder Land”? lol! Let them try that at Disney and see how it sells 🙂

      • roseroars says:

        I think I would try the Germophobia ride in OCD Land, and see the “It’s All About Me” show in Narcissism Park. How about you?

        I really thought anything else would manifest itself earlier, too. I went back into therapy because I had stopped drinking, was taking care of myself, and still having trouble (forgetting things, people knew me-I didn’t know them, buying things I didn’t know I bought, strange memories, etc.) and decided to commit suicide if this therapist couldn’t help. So, I had nothing to lose. It was extremely disappointing to learn that normal people don’t think like I do, and never will, but it’s good to have a name for all this and have a great therapist and psychiatrist.

  2. castorgirl says:

    Hmmm… can just imagine Disney trying to market that ride 🙂

    I first entered the mental health system when I was about 18, for depressive symptoms. I had three appointments with a psychologist, who told me I needed to get some friends – we created a new alter instead 🙂 During my mid 20’s I went to several different therapists, again for depressive type symptoms. Then in my early-mid 30’s the wheels fell off when I was in a car accident, causing all my dissociative coping mechanisms fell apart. That was about 5 years ago, and I’ve just turned 39.

    I’ve known of teenagers to be diagnosed with DID, and some people don’t get the diagnosis until they’re in their 50’s. I think it depends on your system, your circumstances and a whole range of issues – both internally and externally as to how and when you are diagnosed.

    Tempy is in her mid 20’s if you want to check out her blog – http://crackersandjuice.squarespace.com/

    Take care,

    • CimmerianInk says:

      Thanks, I checked out Tempy’s site too. I was just curious if DID shows up later in life or not. I’m curious (boy I say that a lot don’t I?) were you or are you diagnosed with another mental illness or disorder besides DID? If it’s too personal you don’t have to answer, I’m just wondering how many of us have multiple mental issues.
      On another note I’m loving the idea of this Mental Health Land with rides! If it were real we could find a way to make people experience for a few moments what we experince everyday. Haven’t you ever wanted to do that? Let someone taste it for just a moment?

      • castorgirl says:


        I read somewhere that many trauma survivors often enter therapy in their mid 30’s… I can’t remember where I read it (some article years ago), but it was saying that this is a common age for the coping mechanisms to be overwhelmed by life circumstances. So it’s really about what age this point is reached – for some people it’s when they’re young, for others it’s later in life.

        My list of diagnoses aren’t really all that accurate, I’ve been given some diagnoses in order to obtain certain subsidised or controlled medications. But most of them are trauma based – Complex PTSD, Depression, General Anxiety Disorder and EDNOS. There are more, but they’re the main ones. I’ve been given anti-psychotic, bi-polar and epilepsy meds…

        To be honest, I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone. Yes, I’d like some people to understand what it’s like to go through life like this… but really, all I want those people to do is listen. I don’t want them to suffer, I want them to try to understand and not judge or demean.

        Take care,

      • CimmerianInk says:

        Yea I know…I’m not trying to be mean, but when someone especially friends, say something so hurtful or unkind or worse because they’ve never had to deal with anything like this and they’re being judgmental or skeptical without any education or just making fun of me or mental illness I just get so angry and I think “I want you to be inside my head for 30 seconds. That’s all. Just 30 seconds, because it would shut you up for good!”. I wouldn’t wish this life on anyone either believe me, but I wish people would either get a clue or just shut the hell up. Sorry I was with some friends yesterday and they made fun of me for taking medication and being “crazy” and “not in my right mind” etc. and I just couldn’t believe it. It really hurt. I think I hated everyone yesterday after that.

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