Deja Vu and DID

I’m up late but I was thinking earlier about having intense experiences of déjà vu. I need to look into it because I know I’ve read about mental illness and déjà vu or something like that. I have experienced insanely intense, disturbing déjà vu, more so in recent years, and I wonder if there’s a connection to it and DID? Has anyone else had experiences like this? If so has anyone researched it? I will look some stuff up on it, perhaps tomorrow.


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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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11 Responses to Deja Vu and DID

  1. Niklas Fritzell says:

    Yeah, I think deja vu´s so intense are a bad sign.
    Are you on any kind of psychoactive medication like SSRI? There is a small study done on an underreported side effect from prozac. Search on fluoxetine + involuntary recall.
    But well… A couple of years ago I borred sertraline from my friend to help my depression. Not a good idea!
    Deja vu´s sooo powerful just came crashing in one after another until my perception of reality began to fall apart. I now existed between reality and some bizarre “what could / should have been”-parallell universe personality. It all ended with severe mania and psychosis of course!
    But it was a very good lesson for me, because otherwise I probably would have lived my whole life under the torture of mild depression with occasional glimpses of normal life. I also have a lowered seizure threshold, and I do suspect that those deja vu´s somehow were connected to epileptic activity.
    I do suggest that you go see a doctor if you haven´t already. There might be a lot more to this than you know. Life is wonderful, but sometimes we can´t see it. I just got tired of always living in the shadows and finally got help. It saved my life and I am so happy for getting the chance to make something considerably better out of my remaining years in this strange world 🙂

  2. Niklas Fritzell says:

    Oh bummer. I see that you are diagnosed and all. Maybe a good idea might be to write a mood diary?
    That way you can see if your behaviors are different during the more deja vu intense periods, hence giving you a more objective view on your mood cycles.
    For me sleeping patterns are almost the only way for me to know if I´m in an abnormal mood. Best of luck to you. I am bipolar as well by the way, but that probably wasn´t too hard to find out.

    • CimmerianInk says:

      Sleeping patterns are most definitely very important to pay attention to for me as well. The more I don’t sleep the more hallucinations I end up having and adding in night terrors just makes getting sleep more complicated. Seroquel sometimes only helps up to a point and then it does nothing.
      Always nice to have another bipolar around 🙂

  3. Rapid Cycling says:

    I was just popping past and I saw deja vu on your posts lists and had to check it out as deja vu and me have been acquainted over the years – too many years!!
    Damn weird stuff but it is so slight I don’t know if it’s deja vu or reality and I’ve really gone and done the same thing twice! Can’t explain it, damn bothersome but I don’t worry about it a lot as I figured everyone experienced it. Interesting that it could be medication related but I’m glad I don’t have an extreme case of it though, that could get confusing and might warrant some investigation yeah 🙂

  4. Nandhini says:

    I just finished writing a post on deja vu and was checking out posts on dejavu. I think experiencing deja vu is not uncommon. Atleast everybody feels it once in life time. However it is a concern if it’s happening too often and intense.

  5. Dani says:

    When hypermanic/manic I get dejavu all the time. Several times a day. I dream vividly when I do sleep. and sometimes it lingers quite a while longer than a ‘fleeting moment’ in which its said that it should. I do get very caught up in it and it’s hard when it happens and in that state not to make something of it…I won’t go into details but it ends up being pretty loopy stuff.

    • tai0316 says:

      Hey Dani,
      I’m also a vivid dreamer, always have been. I think it may be connected to being bipolar, maybe it’s why we also tend to be creative though. The deja vu thing can be quite freaky though and it can mess with your reality.

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  7. Cari says:

    I have déjà vu all to often and when info it makes me feel very very ill and sick. So much so that I’ve even contemplated killing myself to stop it on the moment. Thank god it went away quickly.

  8. dennis teel says:

    i’m bipolar and it’s only partly the deja vu experience but not in a way that most people seem effected with major problem is with time passing so fast that i always feel like i just left that time of year or season or holiday,within a few months back..for example,the fall’s now approaching and it’s the end of September..Walmart in my area will be putting the Christmas trees up in their lawn and garden area this week..time passes so quickly for me that i feel that i just observed the trees being up there not more thana few months back..this is how i’m effected by the passing of time in general..every season that comes i feel like i just lived through it a few months back.evry holiday that oocurs ,be it labor day memorial day or Christmas ,when it occurs or it’s near i feel that i lievd it justa few months back..(usually 4 or 5)..the Christmas season is the most overwhelming as when it arrives around thanksgiving ,i always feel as though i had just been through that time of year 4 or 5 months back..i’m overwhelmed constantly by this (what i call) continuos time displacement .it’s usually accomapanied by dejaw vu in the sense that i feel as though i’m going through the same events or holidays again just with different people (added or subtracted rom the situation) and maybe different location but the same.even though i consciously know the difference the feeling is still the same and quite overwhelming..time goes by so fast for me and i’m sure it’s a mental thing.don’t know if it’s due to my bipolar however.i also have a sleep disorder and will just lay there awake if not for trazodone and lunesta…this time displacement and dejavu thng has only been going on i think since the the late 90’s as i don’t remember it happening back in the 80’s or before..i’m 60 years old and diagnosed with bipolar at 21 years of age.have been on permenant disability since then..can’t hold down jobcuz can’t follow instructions(i think or concentrate too hard when listening then can’t follow instructions given to me) .. was diagnosed by my dr more recently ( unofficially) to have delayed sleep phase disorder and severe anxieties on top of the bipolar..icing on the cake dont’cha know…

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