Music Video Florence and the Machine: Heavy in Your Arms (possibly triggering images I don’t know)

I love Florence and the Machine and there are times when parts of this song and the video really resonate with me. I figured I’d share it if anyone wants to have a listen or watch the video. It can be a little creepy so you’ve been warned. And shut up, yes it’s from Twilight :P. The song’s still good lol

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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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One Response to Music Video Florence and the Machine: Heavy in Your Arms (possibly triggering images I don’t know)

  1. qu says:

    I hope you see this.. But oh man i have bipolar and dissociate a lot to the point of almost different personalities but mot quit idk reall working through a lot childhood trauma a majority from my father, psychological/emotional.. Few physical.. But also from my brother when i was really young that being sexual but he was always overly protective and then really mean and would flip AAAANYWAYS haha i love love love her music and ferl such a huge connection with her stuff and videos have you watched the odyssy chapters yet those are intense dude.. Man i hope u see this no one i know is like me and into Florence and the machinr but maybe I’ll get someone from my therapy group into her ayyy lol hmm sorry about this wonky comment but hey were all mad here haha love the mad hatter sorry i am just.. Im glad someone else has connected with her songs and has bipolar and dissociate and has experienced childhood trauma well im not glad about all the struggle but im glad.. Well you know what i mean! Anyways id love to rant and share music and be artsy weirdos sometime with u if youd be interested comment back 🙂

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