Update on last post

I just wanted to say that I had therapy today and my therapist made me feel much better about the whole step-brother thing. I was very hung up on my age at the time, the fact that I was older than him, like I had done something wrong. We discussed it and I was able to see that I didn’t do anything wrong. She said it’s very possible for a younger child to be more aggressive with an older child if that’s the child’s makeup. And she said a two year age difference at our ages at the time wasn’t that far apart. She agreed with me that he was very likely sexually abused himself and that’s probably where his age-inappropriate sexual behavior came from. I don’t blame him at all and nothing actually happened, I just felt responsible for some reason like I should have put my foot down over the playacting at that very second.


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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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4 Responses to Update on last post

  1. I should have read this first before commenting on the last post 🙂

    My therapist said the same thing about a two year age difference being very little too. I agree, you did nothing wrong. And if you’re right about your brother being sexually abused, he wouldn’t have known he was doing anything wrong. I’m glad he didn’t hurt you.


    • tai0316 says:

      Yes, I absolutely don’t blame him in any way. Nothing happened and I’m glad but I feel so bad for him especially seeing our life now through adult eyes.

  2. castorgirl says:

    Hi tai,

    I’ve known former teachers who have left teaching because they have been threatened by their pupils – elementary age children. So a two year age difference is nothing.

    Don’t beat yourself up with “coulda, woulda, shoulda”. That’s looking back on the situation through your adult eyes, not the girl who was faced with that situation. Be kinder to that little girl. She did the best with what she had available to her.

    Take care,

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