Subject: how many abuse victims are exposed to other offenders throughout their life, offenders not related to their original abuser(s)?

This question has come up for me for reasons that I’m not prepared to go into now. My question is, what are the odds that someone who was a victim of childhood sexual abuse from a fairly regular source, (meaning the same abuser or abusers) to be abused or be targeted by other pedophiles or offenders throughout their life, people not connected to the original abuse? Is it possible for any of these victims to, I don’t want to say “draw” because that implies that it would be the child’s fault, which it isn’t but to have other pedophiles be “attracted” to them (again not attracted in a good way). I just want to know if that ever happens and does anyone know how often or the odds. Is it highly unlikely?


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10 Responses to Subject: how many abuse victims are exposed to other offenders throughout their life, offenders not related to their original abuser(s)?

  1. Pandora says:

    A few months ago, I wrote about having been gang raped (the post may trigger, even though I was careful to try and avoid specifics, just so you know). At a therapy session afterwards (again there might be triggers in the linked post, possibly more so than in the first, I’m not sure), I said to Paul (my therapist) that I couldn’t understand how the memory could be real, because when I was a child (late ’80s/early ’90s) there was no such thing as the internet, at least in the commercial sense. How, then did the five of them all meet, how did the conversation of abusing a child come up and how could they all have agreed that doing that to a kid was in any way an acceptable thing to do? I concluded it was something about ‘me’ (which of course I absolutely do not think about others in the same or similar positions, but I always find excuses to blame myself).

    Paul, of course, said that paedophile rings have always existed, which rationally I know to be true.

    But I think that it’s certainly possible that after having been abused by one person, especially chronically, a child may behave subtly differently around other people that (s)he considers a potential risk, and they might be finely attuned to that. I do not mean in any way that the child is to blame, but I think it’s inevitable that abuse changes aspects of his or her developing personality, no matter how good (s)he may be at hiding it. I’m speculating here, but I would think it’s probable that particularly ‘clever’, observant or ‘experienced’ predators might be able to pick up on that.

    Whatever the case, and I know it’s obvious and repetitive but it’s worth saying again anyhow, the child is not to blame in any way. All fault lies with the abuser(s).

    Hugs tai, I hope you are not having a really bad time over this, hun.

    P ❀ x

    • tai0316 says:

      Thanks Pan πŸ™‚

      What happened to you is beyond terrible! and Paul was right, monsters have been around for long time and they have a talent for finding each other. And thanks for getting my point about the child not being at fault. I’m really sorry for what happened to you.

  2. attached says:

    No Tai I don’t think it is unlikely at all.

    I’ve had this happen. I told my T once it must be my fault because these people had nothing to do with each other and it happened at different times and places in my childhood. He disagreed and he told me that it isn’t that the child “attracts” other pedophiles knowingly or not. He said that pedophiles test kids by small boundary crossings and verbal confidences and kids that have been abused in the past are more likely to permit those things. Often because they recognize that as being part of a relationship even a painful one. Also kids who have been repeatedly abused have no one to tell about the original abuse and so they have learned that they are on their own and they have trouble recognizing abusive behaviour, fighting back even verbally, they don’t tell and they blame themselves.

    I think long-term abuse leaves you vulnerable to many things including other abusers in the form of pedophiles when you are a child, abusive partners as adults (even though they might be less abusive and therefore “better”), and a host of other mental health and relationship struggles. I’m sorry Tai for the things you have suffered through and are remembering. Remember it wasn’t your fault and you survived it.


  3. castorgirl says:

    I heard from a clinical psychiatrist that abusers can tell the signs of an abused child, so are more likely to target them in their grooming. He said that this isn’t the case for all children, but it is a possibility.

    There are several longitudinal studies which show that abused children are more likely to have an abusive partner, have problems with addiction etc. It’s one of those things, where it’s a possibility, but not a certainty.

    Are you ok?

    Take care,

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