Quick post: I saw this on abcnews.com and I thought it was worth putting up

I saw a slide show on abcnews.com that had a picture of what Barbie would look like if she was a real person with the proportions that they give her. I’m not exactly sure where the proportions used come from, like if there’s an official Barbie measurement standard, but the girl who made the display struggled with anorexia in the past and I thought that it was healthy and kind of cool that she put this together. Even though I played with Barbies when I was little, I kind of look at them now, and not just Barbies but Bratz dolls etc. and I wonder if girls these days take the way they look seriously. I don’t remember thinking that I should look like my Barbie doll but I still think it’s funny to see the “real life” one which looks awful. I was mostly thinking about how I read about a lot of abuse survivors having eating disorders, so this stuck out for me.

 Anyway here’s the link if anyone wants to click on it:



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7 Responses to Quick post: I saw this on abcnews.com and I thought it was worth putting up

  1. meredith says:

    Barbie and her life-size replica lived at our house… I hated her. Her “beauty” was absurdly unreal, yet I watched my mother and women of her time make her the icon of an ideal yuppie woman who was good at all things at all times. In a family where mirrors took the place of paintings, I found that wench doll to bring more grief than glory.

    Did I mention how much I hate “Barbies”?

  2. meredith says:


  3. castorgirl says:

    I read somewhere that for some girls, that it was part of the rite of passage to mutilate their Barbie dolls. Sort of reclaiming their identity and rejecting the commercial take on perfection, or some such.

    I always envied the girls who were rich enough to have a Barbie. I know that’s shallow, but it’s how it was when I was young and didn’t see beyond the pretty pictures people presented of their lives.

    Take care,

    • tai0316 says:

      Actually that’s not shallow at all CG. We didn’t have much money either and I knew a little girl who had like 20 Barbie’s and the Barbie house and the cars, everything. I always thought that she was like a princess and I felt like the ugly cousin or something.

      I don’t think that girls who bought into the Barbie image fared that well.

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