Wow, I never thought I’d see bipolar disorder on the cover of People Magazine…

Check it out:

I don’t know what to think, for some reason I’m still pissed and for some reason I’m actually afraid to read this article. It’s like I’m worried about my reaction. I’m angry but I’m afraid to look into that anger because it feels like it might trigger some bipolar reactions. How strange.

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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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9 Responses to Wow, I never thought I’d see bipolar disorder on the cover of People Magazine…

  1. Meredith says:

    I think the abruptness of this story is what throws me. I have a tendency to question certain sensation stories because of their sensational aspect. It’s hard to understand how sensation can be helpful for anyone, whether the intent is genuine or not. So… it’s unsettling to me.

    Maybe there’s no way to open up about mental illness without triggering a ticker tape parade staging for COURAGE. Can’t we have courage without the band?

    • tai0316 says:

      I agree. It’s like suddenly, bang! She’s “out” and words like “courage”, “bravery” and “speaking out” get used all of the time.

  2. bipolartude says:

    “I know, right?”

  3. decidetodecideetc says:

    It’s only on the cover because she’s beautiful and famous. She must also have a movie about to be released. And, Charlie Sheen’s not done anything outrageous this week.

  4. bipolartude says:

    Hi, Meredith!

    Being so new to the blogosphere, I hadn’t realized that you were the same Meredith that’s on DF. (“Duh.”) I love this blog! My therapist and I have been discussing the connection between the trauma of childhood abuse to (first) my MDD and (now) the whole “Bipolars” disorder. Thanks for writing such a cool and open blog on the topic. (And you’ve got the whole brief, but make your point well thing down. “Jealous much, Heather?”)

    Back to “La Zeta.” Okay, here’s my dealio:

    One, she’s helped my parents- A LOT- with MY week’s old diagnosis. It reminds me of how they coped with the gay thing much better after seeing the movie “In and Out.” Ridiculous movie, but my mother loves Kevin Kline and Tom Selleck, so when they kissed in the movie, all of a sudden… It was “okay to gay!” Seriously. Day and night.

    Such is my mother and pop-culture.

    So, it’s like this for my parents with Zeta-Jones. “Look, JT. She’s Bipolar… And we just love her in the Zorro movies! Do you think they’ll make a third? The kid could be grown up, and following in his father’s footsteps. But Katherine (first name basis) doesn’t want him to. Who’s the actor that plays Zorro again? Bandera something… ? ”

    “Hello… ? New to Bipolar too… over here… son? I gotta say though, in some regards, it’s even helped me.

    But, hey… I get what you’re saying, Meredith. I do. The whole ticker-tape parade with La Zeta in her open convertible, waving at her fans, yelling, “Yes! It’s okay to be mentally ill. I mean, have a manageable mood disorder like diabetes!” It’s a hoopla, yes, but if it helps with the destigmatization of MI and/mood disorders/etc., is it worth it?

    Aaaaand, practical-wise, what’s her PR camp going to do? With the media-hungry, trash-eating vultures that now regurgitate all over America, they’d report that she was going into a mental institution before she even checked in. So, hours (days even) before she even steps out of the house, her people spin the “Bipolar Coming Out/I’m not ashamed!” story. America loves a good “I’m fighting back against (fill in the blank)!” story.

    And doesn’t she look just GREAT on the cover? Do you think she’ll have time to go on Oprah before her last season is over?



    • tai0316 says:


      I had to laugh when you described how your mother comes to accept things. 🙂
      I actually get your point on that. It’s like if something’s accepted in the media and somebody famous has it then suddenly it makes it ok for a family member to have and nobody has to be embarrassed about it. Maybe that’s part of my issue with the whole thing. People have been living with these mental illnesses for so long and then somebody famous gets it and they say what Ms. Zeta-Jones said, “You don’t have to suffer in silence.” and I’m like, “Really!? Maybe you don’t have to suffer in silence, oh I don’t know, because you’re famous and airbrushed!”
      I just get mad because I don’t think a famous person’s experience would always be the same as say “one of us”. Even though I have to say that when Pandora pointed out Stephen Fry opening up about it, I had no problem with him doing it. Maybe that’s because I love Stephen Fry 😉 but I also think that it’s different because of his personality and the way he talked about it, it wasn’t glamorized, it was just him being him.

      Your Oprah comment was so funny jt! I know that I look like that when I’m all bundled in my sweats and I haven’t showered for days because of being paralyzed by depression. I have a personal makeup artist that makes sure I wear my mania with style too. 😀

  5. bipolartude says:

    @decidetodecideetc says: “And, Charlie Sheen’s not done anything outrageous this week.”


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