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Feeling inhuman and fake

The disconnect is getting worse perhaps. Today I have to be in a car with someone I really don’t like during a trip and I’m hoping that she doesn’t drive me crazy. The bigger problem is that I’m not myself … Continue reading

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This disconnect feels like I’m missing a body part

I have no idea what to do with myself. I wrote in my last blog entry about feeling a disconnect between myself and my parts. It’s bad enough that I started to question whether I even have DID because I … Continue reading

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Nature changes within days (Pictures from my side of the world)

This is my tree a few days ago and what it’s like today (the second one is obviously from inside because I’m so not going out today!):    

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Waking up disturbed, trying to relax and feeling disconnected

I woke up this morning and was pretty disgusted with myself for indulging in compulsive behavior recently. I think for a while I kind of just gave up and thought that since I’m a slut I might as well enjoy … Continue reading

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5 Minute Rant: Don’t need weight gain on top everything…stupid meds!

I don’t care what my doctor says, Saphris has made my weight go up and not in a small way. He says it must be water retention but I disagree, unless I’m retaining 8 lbs of water, which would still not be … Continue reading

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A quick note on my therapist’s opinion about EMDR

Freasha had asked me about using EMDR in my therapy and I decided to ask my therapist about it because it couldn’t hurt to get her viewpoint. I just wanted to briefly give her thoughts on it in case someone found it … Continue reading

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*Untitled* collage


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