An episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine that I felt applied to DID

I was watching an episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine called Equilibrium and I thought that in an odd way it kind of connected with DID. For those of you unfamiliar with the show I’ll tell you about the character so this makes sense.

There’s character named Jadzia Dax who is a Trill. They’re a race that has a symbiotic relationship with another alien race. Trills who are approved are joined with a creature that lives inside them. The creature is intelligent and when one host dies, the symbiont goes to another host, meaning that the it can live for hundreds of years or more. The symbiont has its own name, which is the surname, in this case it is called Dax. The host name is the first name, in this case a young woman named Jadzia. The symbiont carries all of the memories of the previous hosts and each new host takes on those memories and personalities as well as adding their own unique qualities.

Ok, so in episode, Jadzia Dax begins hearing music that she doesn’t know and she feels compelled to play it on a piano even though none of her previous hosts had any musical talent. The song keeps plaguing her and then she starts hallucinating, but it seems like memories because she sees people from a hundred years before. You see where this is going?

Eventually she starts having health problems and her crewmates have to take her back to her home world to figure out what’s going on. They end up finding out that the group who approves Trills for joining had put the symbiont into an unsuitable host, a man named Joran who was a psychotic murderer and musical genius. They didn’t want their population to find out that they had done this, so they had hidden the truth and taken the symbiont out of the man and put it into a different person. Because of this, the murderer’s memories had been suppressed but they were coming up anyway and affecting Jadzia, killing her in the process. To save her she ends up having to have a telepathic ceremony done where she integrates Joran’s personality and memories fully and accepts him as part of her. Once she does this she becomes well again and even starts playing music.

It’s so weird because I watched this episode years ago when the show was on and of course it was pre-DID diagnosis. Watching it now, I saw it in a totally different way.

Having a part of yourself buried and that part having memories and experiences that you were unaware of. The memories coming to the surface despite everything that was done to hide it and then affecting the host? Yep, I saw a lot of parallels. And then of course, having to integrate those memories into your own consciousness and accept all parts of yourself as valuable.

Who knew Star Trek could be so deep lol?


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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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One Response to An episode of Star Trek Deep Space Nine that I felt applied to DID

  1. meredith says:

    While I don’t think I’m inhabited by beings who lack the same DNA, I see things that were important parts of my life surface as I integrate. Lately, I remember French, for some reason. But, I’ve also lost some of the pin-point accuracy I once had with other skills… probably because I’m don’t think in such hyper-focused ways as often, anymore.

    Maybe everyone is this way, but with DID I’m more aware of the changes because I’ve been taught to be more aware through therapy. I don’t know.

    Just a random thought.

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