I wanted to add this to my previous Sandusky post

A different article today when speaking about Sandusky’s interview added some information on what happened when he was asked if he was attracted to young boys. If you remember, I said that he clarified his comment? Well check out who actually clarified it. I’ll just paste it in direct from the article:

In the Times interview, Sandusky discussed the question he answered in a phone interview with NBC’s Bob Costas about whether he was sexually attracted to underage boys.

“I was sitting there like, ‘what in the world is this question?’ am I going to be, if I say, ‘no I’m not attracted to boys,’ that’s not the truth because I’m attracted to young people — boys, girls,” he said.

This time, his attorney, who was sitting off-camera, had to clarify Sandusky’s statement: “Yeah but not sexually, you’re attracted to them as in you like spending time with them,” Joseph Amandola said.

“Right, I enjoy, that’s what I’m trying to clarify, I enjoy spending time with young people. I enjoy spending time with people. I mean, my two favorite groups are the elderly and the young,” he said. “The young because they don’t think about what they say and the old because they don’t care, you know?”

W-o-w. His attorney clarified it. You can almost see him smacking Sandusky upside the head can’t you?


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4 Responses to I wanted to add this to my previous Sandusky post

  1. I watched this interview and noted the same off screen correction offered by his attorney. It amazes me that he is offered and interview on national TV.

  2. castorgirl says:

    The man is clueless…

    Don’t let this case consume you tb… use it for healing, if you can… but don’t let it consume you.

    Take care,

    • CimmerianInk says:

      He is clueless.

      I find it difficult to not click on this dang story every time I see a giant picture of it on the news. I kept saying that I wouldn’t keep looking but I do because it’s right there all the time.
      I don’t feel any connection to healing about it because this case involves male victims. I don’t know if that makes sense. I’m just saying that I don’t see myself in it because of that. I think my continuing to look at it is because I get more and more shocked at how stupid this guy sounds and I keep checking to see if people are supporting the victims.

      I’m not sure why I started dissociating while typing that reply to Freasha. It just happened, which is why I waited to continue replying until today.

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