I need a nickname

A purely random thought. When I started blogging I didn’t think about it very much and now I’m stuck with a silly name. I need a new one, something obscure but one that I can remember.


About CimmarianInk

Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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6 Responses to I need a nickname

  1. meredith says:

    Go with Madge.

  2. Pandora says:

    Ooh, I did this with ‘Pandora’. Prior to February-ish (?) last year, I was simply ‘Serial Insomniac’ or SI, but the tradition to an actual name went smoothly, and now I completely identify as Pan (to the point where I’ve been known to introduce myself as such to entirely non-mentalist people!). There’s a post somewhere about it called Anonymity and New Identities, but at 6.50am with no sleep, I don’t have the cognitive capacity to look for it, sorry!

    Good luck with your decision. To my, you’re ‘tai’, but I’m sure we could all get used to something else 🙂

  3. castorgirl says:

    Kate (short for Bob)…

    Hmmm… you’ll understand that if you’ve watched Blackadder, and if not, just shake your head at the stupid kiwi 🙂

    Take care,

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