AAAGH! Bills, Bills, Bills

So, I have new insurance this year and we have deductibles and stuff we’ve never had to deal with before. Please don’t get me wrong. I am SO grateful to even have insurance and I know we’re luckier than many. I just saw my bill for seeing my therapist now that I have to pay my part of the deductible, and I owe her over $400.00 !!!

It’s because she doesn’t send in her claims until the end of each month, so even though I brought up my new insurance a million times, she forgot to do the claims until the normal time and I got hit with a whopping amount of money. It’s extremely likely that I’ll need to cancel the remaining appointments for this money so I can catch up on what I owe her first.

Ugh…I just wanted to vent. Thank you 🙂


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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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9 Responses to AAAGH! Bills, Bills, Bills

  1. Freasha1964 says:

    It is such a money sink, all the insurances we have to pay. I am pretty sure I could almost support myself if it weren’t for all the different insurances I have to pay out monthly and yearly.

    But doesn’t your husband make enough money to absorb that deductible? You might as well meet it sooner than later; then you can coast through the rest of the year. I can’t wait till we get national health care. Except it might not be in my lifetime, so I better be able to wait.
    Your theray

  2. Freasha1964 says:

    OH, darn, my computer sent that before I was done! With a big typo uncorrected on the last word.

    I was saying, your therapy is probably kind of important and essential, wouldn’t you agree? Especially lately. Even though you don’t maybe value your own self all the time to that level? It is a big shock, I know, to suddenly be asked to pitch in when you haven’t done so before. It happened to me, too. Makes it real obvious that your therapist has other reasons than that they love you so much for why they spend time with you. 🙂

  3. Broken Girl says:

    I feel your pain regarding the deductibles. My hubby’s employer decided to switch insurers effective March 1st. So, we just had to pay our deductibles in January for this insurance and then have to pay them for the new insurance next month :(. Like Freasha said, we just have to get through it and then we don’t have to worry about it for another year, but it can be rough. Maybe your therapist will have some ideas on how to make it work for you financially as you deal with paying off that bill. I agree with Freasha that this is probably not a good time to stop going to therapy if you can help it.

  4. Wow!! That sucks…. sorry.

  5. meredith says:

    Totally hurts. My insurance does not cover out-of-state therapists… so I’m on the pay ’til I die program. I guess it’s more important than… almost everything, though.

  6. castorgirl says:

    Unexpected big bills stink! Do you know what the deductibles are going to be from now on so you can budget for them on a weekly basis?

    • CimmarianInk says:

      What’s amazing or scary is that I managed to run through the yearly deductible before the second month of the year is even over. Too many doctors and a lot of therapy. The good part is that I now will be moving on to paying co-pays but my therapist is what they call “out-of-network”. The new insurance company is letting me pretend she’s in-network for six months and then after that I have to pay the out-of-network fee. That means that by the end of June I’ll probably have to cut back to seeing her twice a month instead of weekly but I know that’s better than a lot of people get so I won’t complain.

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