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My Mental Courthouse and The Current Ruling

I wanted to write about this today before I lose the grasp on what I’m feeling. I went in to therapy this week feeling highly frustrated and disgusted with myself and confused. I felt unable to explain or understand my … Continue reading

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All I see is surface

I had an uncomfortable realization a couple of days ago when I looked at my husband. I didn’t feel anything. I looked at him and it was like he was just this surface that I could see but there was … Continue reading

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Working things out with therapist when they have hangups

You know that a while ago I experienced discomfort during a session with my therapist when it came to self-injury. I felt that she was being judgmental and disapproving despite her stance that nothing I do should be judged. It … Continue reading

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What does resilience mean? Based on a Tweet conversation with NAMI

Here is where my thoughts on this subject began. There was a Tweet chat with NAMI Massachusetts and I saw this statement: NAMIMass A1: It largely depends on the resiliency of the child/adolescent. Some are more or less resilient to #traumatic #stress #mhsm Now at … Continue reading

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Card For An Abusive Mother (Polyvore set)

Card for An Abusive Mother by tb0316 on

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What is wrong with people!!??

I just had a friend write me and suggest that I take her daughter with me on a trip to the other side of the country I’m taking in a couple of months. WHY THE HELL WOULD I, A MENTALLY … Continue reading

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Crying in the closet. I always end up back in the same place.

Over the last weekend I ended up in a familiar place. When I was little and living with my grandmother, her closet was an extraordinary place. I would sit in there for hours opening boxes and going through the dresser … Continue reading

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