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Old Grief Resurfaces

Sometimes you think you’ve gotten over something… you’ve grieved it and it’s over. Then you get smacked in the face with something that takes you back to an unhappy place. I was at the pharmacy today waiting for my medication … Continue reading

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Ow My Face! Aka: Time To Add A New “…algia”

Well peeps, as I recently told a friend, if I don’t get a new medical diagnosis each year then things aren’t normal. So for this year of 2013 I would like to add: Trigeminal Neuralgia. A few months ago I … Continue reading

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Let me tell you a story…

This story was rattling around my head a few days ago and I’d like to tell it because…well I want to. To me it’s a prime example of how dysfunctional things around me were. We were at religious services, and … Continue reading

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Contemplation by tb0316 featuring a blackberry smartphone Blackberry Black and White Picture/Photo: Otter cliff and cobblestones on misty… Secret Garden Glitter L’île de Kahlan: TUBE:ASTRE/ Flock of Gulls Noir | Stickers – Kit de décoration Domestic – … Continue reading

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Head For The Hills!!!

I think that this is what my head has done. To start my last therapy session I told my therapist that I felt a need to have a “serious” discussion but I didn’t know how to start it or what … Continue reading

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