I’m just now realizing I have a bit of a problem. I’ve had issues leaving my house for a while but I’m really having problems now.

I only leave when I absolutely have to,  like when I have an appointment, then I will go the store and take care of other errands. Other than that,  I don’t leave and I have no desire to. I don’t go to movies or shop at the mall for fun or…anything. I used to do those things and I can’t pinpoint when things changed. I didn’t notice it until this past week.
I wonder what happened? When did I get like this? And more importantly, why? What is my problem?

It’s almost summer. It’s sunny, flowers are blooming. I should go outside. But I can’t. I did go for a walk a week ago. I’d like to do that again soon. That’s sad isn’t it? Hoping to go for a walk? Yikes.

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Abuse Survivor Diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder PTSD and Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) also known as Multiple Personalities
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7 Responses to Hermitville

  1. Separate Parts says:

    I have periods like that as well. They just come out of the blue. One month I’m active and doing all kinds of outdoor activities then I get down or stressed and slowly start to hibernate. In the Summer I don’t have that option sometimes because I have to cut the grass so that at least gets me going outside for awhile. Hopefully this will pass soon.

  2. lisbethvrhlst says:

    I have these moments a lot. I have no desire to do anything but lay on my couch and eat and watch TV sometimes. But, the best thing I have found for myself is to get up and be active. Not outside right away, just in the house. Clean the kitchen, Clean the living room, maybe do a fun hobby like mine is hula hooping and yoga. Then after about a few days of being super active around the house I am not so anxious to go outside and do the activities I so enjoy. I honestly think every human being goes through stages like this. You can come out of it! You can do it!

  3. ~meredith says:

    I have no idea what your problem is. :) I have no idea what mine is either, when it comes. Maybe it’s that we just can’t let ourselves be. I ran all over coastlines, hiked in the mountains, encountered travelers of every kind a couple of weeks ago… and today I sat behind a curtain.

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