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Therapist Distress

I should have guessed that there would be inevitable issues when you have to suddenly change therapist while you’re neck-deep in issues of an immediate nature. However the issues that I’m having with my new therapist are stressing me out … Continue reading

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Sexsomnia: a Terrifying New “Disorder”

While I was reading through some news headlines I stumbled upon something that gave me the willies. Have any of you heard of sexsomnia? It’s basically a type parasomnia like sleepwalking and night terrors except that in sexsomnia you display … Continue reading

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Lady Gaga Suffers From Chronic Pain 10 Years After Her Sexual Assault I wanted to take a moment to post this although it, won’t get the full attention it deserves because I’m still a mess. I didn’t watch the Oscars because I just didn’t care (hey I knew Star Wars wasn’t … Continue reading

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