Sexsomnia: a Terrifying New “Disorder”

While I was reading through some news headlines I stumbled upon something that gave me the willies.

Have any of you heard of sexsomnia? It’s basically a type parasomnia like sleepwalking and night terrors except that in sexsomnia you display some type of sexual behavior in your sleep. The behavior could be moaning, masturbation or trying to have intercourse with the person in bed with you. Yeah that’s the part that got me, along with the mention that this disorder has been blamed for molestation as well.

All I could think of was that a) innocent people could be assaulted by their spouses and b) children could be abused and the perpetrator could get away with it by claiming sexsomnia. After reading the article however, my second fear actually doesn’t seem to be a concern if the person with sexsomnia doesn’t sleep in the same bed with their kids, which apparently has happened and gone to trial…ugh I can’t even…

It’s mentioned in the article that sexsomnia has nothing to do with pedophilia and I’m glad it says that. Sexsomnia wouldn’t make a non-pedophile go to their kids room while asleep and assault them. Nope. Nuh uh.

But what about the poor spouses/partners in the same bed? Yikes! I can’t even imagine how that would feel!

There are sleep tests to help confirm this disorder and there are drug treatments but, wow, the damage that could be done for couples who don’t know what they’re dealing with yet! If this is real, and I only say if because I’m so disturbed at this moment and I’m having trouble with the scenarios, but if it’s real, I feel really, really bad for the sufferers too. It would be horrifying to assault someone you love against your will. The ramifications freak me out. The article is linked below if you want to read it, if not, no biggie, I just needed to get the willies outta me after I read it and blogging was my best option.


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2 Responses to Sexsomnia: a Terrifying New “Disorder”

  1. Freasha1964 says:

    Gosh, life is just complicated, isn’t it?

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