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Now Everything Comes Back

Ugh.  I probably have to slightly explain that something happened to me last year health-wise that made me very aware of stress. I felt a need to control my stress. Ha! Control. Silly me believing in control!  Well, what happened … Continue reading

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I’m thinking about tea. My autoimmune disease has been flaring very badly for over a month. I just had surgery five days ago, but right now, I’m thinking about tea. I’m drinking a cup of Sleepytime Tea, you might know … Continue reading

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Down, Down, Down

My stepfather planned to give me some of my mother’s things along with items that had belonged to my grandmother when he traveled through my part of the country this month. He had a tentative date for his trip and … Continue reading

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The Indignity Of Death

My stepfather sent my mother’s death certificate along with the coroner’s report. I read rather quickly and unfortunately my eyes picked up many phrases in the report before I actually realized what I was glancing at. I didn’t know he … Continue reading

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I continue to be overwhelmed by my feelings over my mother’s death. I think that, subconsciously, I was aware that at least she was somewhere in the world and I guess that mattered. I didn’t know that it mattered. Now … Continue reading

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I really should remember that every post doesn’t have to be really long. Many times I don’t write because the posts would be brief. I feel like I’m going down…like depression is coming. Like if I stop moving I will … Continue reading

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My Kitchen Is A Place Of Sadness

First of all I want to apologize to those you whose blogs I follow. I have been very remiss in keeping up though I’m making an effort to read and catch up. I can honestly say: it’s not you, it’s … Continue reading

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