I’m thinking about tea. My autoimmune disease has been flaring very badly for over a month. I just had surgery five days ago, but right now, I’m thinking about tea.

I’m drinking a cup of Sleepytime Tea, you might know the blend. My mom used to give it to me when I was a child. You know what I’m wondering? Why did my mom need to give me Sleepytime Tea all the time? It’s soothing; it’s meant to calm. People drink it in the evening to wind down, to help with sleep. I was a child, why did I need it?

I’m just having a random thought while drinking the tea I remember my mom giving me. My feelings are coming back. They’ve been coming back for maybe two days? I remember that I had a mom now. I’m sad again but I can probably do things that I enjoyed again too so that’s a positive. It is, it really is.

It would be nice if I didn’t feel like death though. My body is getting worn out from my lymph nodes being swollen and my lungs hurting when I breathe; my ribs hurt and I feel like I have the flu every day all day long. I’ve lost weight. I get hit with fatigue like a freight train. The medication I was given to treat the symptoms hasn’t worked. I don’t know how long it will take to recover from the surgery so that’s in addition to what was already going on. 

I’m going to drink my tea.

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Need Help With Some Statistics For Next Week’s Therapy

I realized today that my therapist insulted me during our session this week. Well, not me specifically but my culture. About 99% of the time I identify as just a human being and I don’t feel the need to separate myself from others by race or nationality but my therapist made a statement that sexual abuse is rampant in my culture as if it was so different from everyone else’s. She tagged on some statement about talking to someone of my race and finding out they had a friend or something who had three children with someone but had never married the father and how that was so outside of her experience and I felt like my mouth wanted to fall open.

It was insulting. Sexual abuse happens in all cultures, which she agreed with when I stated that, but she was implying that it happens differently and in some sort of more insidious way in mine. I feel that I can’t let that assumption stand. I also just remembered that she’s over 70 years old which I didn’t know until two weeks ago, so maybe she’s dealing with generational issues *insert eye roll here* ugh.

So, do you any of you know any statistical numbers on sexual abuse in different cultures or something like that or places I could get that data? I’d like to have some facts to show her that kids are pretty much victims of hell everywhere sheesh!

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Wow My Brain Is Really Ummm… Crappy Right Now

A brief post is better than none right? My therapist thinks that I’m kind of starving myself of anything I really need (not just physical stuff but things that I like) and that includes blogging which is why my posts have been suffering. I decided to jump on any inclination I had to post, even if it was quick, so that in part, we can stay connected and of course to keep my journaling intact for my own state of mind and reference and to get my mind garbage cleaned out. I honestly believe that I’ll come out of this funk, actually I know I will.

My quick post will be to comment on the fact that I realized a couple of weeks ago that I forgot my mom died. Let me repeat that: I forgot my mom died. And no, I don’t mean time passed and healed some of the pain, I mean I forgot. I not only forgot she died, I forgot that I had a mother in the first place. You should have seen my face when I realized that I had  a mother and she was dead…yeah….

I’m pretty sure I’m having dissociative issues in the extreme! I have some ideas why but that’s for another post. But hey, I posted!!!! Fist bump! Do people still do that? Whatever, I’m doing it!

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All Stopped Up

I think there must be such a thing as emotional constipation. That’s what I’m going to call this. I am completely stopped up! Emotionally. I am frozen. I can’t do anything I like or enjoy and it’s not even depression. I’m not eating enough but it’s more like I forget or I lose my appetite but it’s not intentional. I’m not knitting, or blogging, or reading books or playing games. The biggest shock to me came yesterday though after therapy when I realized that I haven’t thought my mom in…days? A week? I don’t even know! It’s like I forgot about her or I forgot that I forgot! 

I think I’ve shutdown something inside of me or lots of things inside of me in a way I haven’t done before and I didn’t even realize it. It’s actually really scary now that I see it.

So I’m sorry that I’ve been gone. I’ve got some therapy homework to do that will be extremely dark and unpleasant but maybe it will wake me back up again!

Hang in there with me guys!

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As Promised, A Post

Well this is what happens when you don’t blog for a while, you forget what’s happened. I’ll try to remember the main points. There may be some sensitive material here, discussion of suicidal ideation, abuse, depression. I don’t know what I’m going write so just be aware.

Basically I’ve been dealing with a lot of depression. I was absolutely in crisis not that long ago and was almost certainly hospital bound but somehow through my therapist, my husband and psychiatrist, I managed to stay out of it. I’m in a weird state of mind though. Usually when I go through depression and come out of it I stabilize. This time I’m on edge like one small thing could push me over or pull me back down into crisis again. It’s very disconcerting.

I saw my therapist yesterday and we were talking about my health problems. She asked me if I’m afraid of dying. I said no. After talking some more we and more so me really realized that even though I thought I was over my death fixation, I’m not, not really. I still find relief in the thought of dying but I’m not suicidal. Many people who struggle with mental illness know what mean by those words.

I also was having tremendous difficulty with being an orphan…feeling abandoned and unloved by my family. My biological father doesn’t want me, my stepfather lied about wanting a relationship, my uncle (not the abuser) my only close relative since my mother died, never talks to me. It was very upsetting. I felt like something was wrong with me because no one wanted me. However my therapist said some things that really helped. She brought out that their behavior was not new. They were not rejecting me all at once, suddenly, they’ve always been this way. She said, and this phrase was key for me, that I kept going to a dry well expecting water. I don’t know what it was about that sentence but it really stuck with me. It really simplified the situation for me and made me think “Yeah, why do I keep doing that?” It was very helpful.

I found I couldn’t take the PTSD nightmare medication every night because it also lowers blood pressure and I already tend to be on the low side so I would get dizzy and lightheaded all day the next day. I can only take it here and there or she suggested taking half. I noticed if I don’t take it is have dreams about being raped regularly. If you had asked me if I have nightmares I would have said no because I didn’t think of them that way…it’s normal for me. Now I know better.

It’s important to realize if you have something like bipolar disorder or depression or whatever that what I call “situational depression”, depression that comes from a situation that has happened ie someone has died, you lost your job…normal things anyone would be depressed about, this can snowball into a chemical reaction that makes your mental illness switch turn on. It’s happened to me many times; a situation that causes normal depression gets out of control because my brain’s chemical balance gets messed up and suddenly I’m in full-blown crisis. Be aware of how long you’re situational depression is lasting and take steps to get it under control because you lose control. For that means if my depression lasts maybe more than a week or two I need to start taking my anti-depressant. I don’t always do that though because the depression makes me not care. This time around I was so far gone that I couldn’t make any decisions, even on whether to eat or not, so my therapist told me to take my medicine so I did.

The last struggle I will talk about is having “friends” who are completely and utterly self-centered. I have two of them in my life, one of them is intolerable. I have literally said to her “I’ve had a bad month” and she said “You have? Let me tell you about mine…” She never and I mean never asks how I’m doing and even if no one is talking about their health she will simply start talking about her random health problems even if it’s awkward because the conversation was about something completely different. My other friend literally spent 3 hours last week one afternoon talking about herself. I made a comment and she said something like ‘Yeah, you’ve been suffering’ and then said ‘So back to what I was saying.’ I reached out to her last year after some of her relatives passed away and we became friends because of that even though when my mother died her attitude was more like ‘Suck it up’. Suddenly when it happened to her everything was different. I figured that nobody’s perfect so I could do what I wished other people had done for me and be there for her, but now…she’s so into talking about herself…I don’t know what to do with her and this other person. With the first friend I actually want to confront her about her behavior and cut her out of my life but she’s part of a huge family that I’m friends with and if I alienate her it will damage my friendship with at least two of the others which would hurt me.

Okay this was probably my longest post ever but I warned you yesterday. Hope you all are staying safe and taking care of yourselves everyday. 

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Coming Soon…

Yes I know I’ve been gone. I think that maybe not blogging means that I don’t have to confront my feelings or talk about what’s happened. However, that is not a good enough reason not to blog so, I’m going to put it on my calendar to sit down and write about everything that’s been going on. It will probably mean a very lengthy post but you guys won’t have to read it if you don’t want to. 

I’m hoping to get it done by maybe Friday? I hope so. So hang in there with me.

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Taking Stock

Sometimes you keep getting smacked in the face and you just have to stop and take stock of what’s going on in your life and at least acknowledge it so you can see what you’re up against.

I think that since the dad debacle I’ve been distracting myself with various coping mechanisms, but coping doesn’t really get at the core issues wreaking havoc on my life.

As a bit of an update, my dad never ever called, his wife never ever responded. In a strange turn of events, his stepdaughter reached out via social media after decades with some tripe about missing me and loving me. I called BS politely because I haven’t seen her since I was 12 years old and you  can’t love someone you haven’t spoken to in over 30 years and don’t even know. She had the audacity to tell me she asks my father about me and I called BS again because he knows less about me than my postman does. She made excuses and I was not interested in hearing them. Then a few days later one of my half-sisters (someone else I don’t know) contacted me, also via social media. The biggest twist of this event was that she said she got my information from my father and his wife. Oh so they are capable of communicating? My father simply chose not to return my call. Excellent!

I am still staggered at how much he was able to hurt me without uttering one word to me at all, I truly am. I haven’t even begun to deal with this issue and I feel it on a daily basis like a stone in my chest.

The death of my therapist suddenly last year from cancer is another blow that I hadn’t realized was eating away at me. A large reason that it’s so troubling is that I was not allowed to talk about her death to anyone I knew (except my new therapist, but I’ll get into that) because of the nature of our relationship and because people are idiots. The day I found out she had passed, actually minutes afterward, I had someplace to be. I told the person I was meeting that my therapist had died and I got a “look”. The look was full of judgment for me not only being in therapy but being upset that my therapist had died. The attitude of the looker clearly said that I had no right to grieve such an insignificant event. I think that reaction dictated the road the rest of my grief took and part of that is definitely on me for letting it happen but people are also stupid when it comes to finding out that someone they know is in therapy. Most of my “friends” don’t get being in therapy in the first place and certainly wouldn’t have gotten being grieved over the loss of someone who’s helped you cope and start to heal for almost 15 years. So I bottled my grief up and spoke about her to no one, even my husband.

Of course I had a new therapist who happened to have been good friends of my old therapist and I could talk to her about J but it felt wrong somehow. I felt like I would be bringing up this awesome person over and over and over to this new person and it wouldn’t be nice. Again, I bottled things up. This weighs on me as well because J’s loss was a powerful blow and I haven’t dealt with it at all.

Being diagnosed last year with an autoimmune disease was difficult even though it was a relief to finally be taken seriously after years of having a doctor who did less than nothing about my symptoms. I’ve been experiencing some neurological issues though and it’s adding stress because I don’t know what’s going on yet.

My recent bout with bipolar depression and the close call with hospitalization was awesome and reminded me that bipolar is in the title of this blog for a reason.

Let’s not forget the lovely sexual abuse. I had a doozy of a week a while ago which I will likely blog about but it was basically trigger-palooza for me and I’m surprised I didn’t lose it and scream my head off.

I still miss my mom and yes I still know how crazy that sounds. Her brother still never talks to me and I don’t know why. My stepfather hasn’t spoken to me in at least six months besides a group email alerting a few of us to his new address. I miss my mom…did I say that already? Yeah I did.I’m insane, I know.

I’ve been walking that dangerous line with food. It snuck up on me without me really noticing it and then when I finally did notice it, I didn’t want to fight it. I am fighting it a bit because I don’t really want to go back to having an eating disorder again but part of me wants to give in because of how it makes me feel.

I went to the doctor today and something else may be wrong with me…I’ll know more tomorrow hence the posting tonight because I’m just done right now.

I live in my head because it’s safer in there and the people in there don’t hurt me.

I’m probably forgetting something but this has been long enough already. I plan on writing a letter to my dad that will not be mailed (or maybe it will) to help process my feelings.I need to tell my therapist about the food issue so that’s another plan. The other stuff…I don’t know. This weekend is busy so I’ll see where I am afterwards when I can breathe a bit.

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