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Grrrr Argh Etc

***Slight warning of weight talk but it’s about getting back to a healthy BMI. Mentions of body image issues, mostly me grumbling.*** I know, I know, I’m supposed to put part two of my two part therapy story up (does … Continue reading

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I Broke Up With My Therapist Da Da Dum!

I have no idea if that’s how you spell that whole oh wow theme but I tried and…..HI GUYS!!!!!  I’m not going to get into the whole yadda yadda of what’s been going with me, just know that I’m ill … Continue reading

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Be Safe You Matter

I don’t do holidays, but I know some of you do which means that, some of you will be seeing family soon. This may mean different scenarios for different people. If you have a mental illness you may be seeing … Continue reading

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I really should remember that every post doesn’t have to be really long. Many times I don’t write because the posts would be brief. I feel like I’m going down…like depression is coming. Like if I stop moving I will … Continue reading

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Bad day

First, I promise I will respond to all comments from the last post. I’m just having a really bad day. I had therapy and she agreed that the food issues are about distracting from thinking about the sexual abuse. She … Continue reading

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Can’t bother with getting up

Even though I’m a little groggy, I don’t think that my lack of motivation is all due to the new med. I got up for a little bit and I wanted to exercise but I couldn’t get up the energy … Continue reading

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Ridiculous sadness

Oh my God, this is getting old! My stomach has been clenched all day because my body is holding so much sadness. I’ve stayed teary-eyed and I can’t cry. My throat hurts because the tears are there but they can’t come … Continue reading

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